About JCV and PML

The John Cunningham Virus (or JCV) is a very common infection found in most people around the world. In healthy individuals, JCV is kept in check by their immune system, though it remains present in their body. However, patients with diseases or treatments that change the function of their immune system are at risk for developing a deadly form of the virus.

JCV can spontaneously mutate into a dangerous form and put patients at risk of developing a neurological condition called Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (or PML). This condition is responsible for thousands of deaths every year and survivors are often left with permanent neurological impairment.

Existing methods can detect the presence of JCV in biological fluids but cannot identify the presence of the mutated forms responsible for causing PML. Pro-Arc’s JCVerify technology is capable of not only detecting JCV’s presence, it can also identify when a portion of the virus has mutated into a potentially dangerous form.

Pro-Arc’s technology is being designed to allow doctors access to more information about their patient’s JCV status. This may lead to more careful monitoring of the patient’s JCV status, and is hoped to potentially contribute to reducing the risk of developing PML and expand access to treatments otherwise considered too risky.